HHCS partner Douglas B. Huron dies at 75

June 16, 2021

Douglas B. Huron, a lawyer who won several major cases concerning the rights of employees, including a landmark Supreme Court decision that declared gender stereotyping a form of workplace discrimination, died June 7 at his home in Washington. He was 75.

He had primary lateral sclerosis, a rare variant of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), said his wife, Amy Wind.

Mr. Huron, who worked for the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division early in his career, argued many times before federal courts on behalf of workers who believed they had been subjected to bias in one form or another. He rarely spoke to the media about his cases, but he appeared at legal conferences around the country, and his trial briefs are studied in law schools.

“To me, he was the best civil rights lawyer in the country,” his longtime law partner Richard Salzman said in an interview. “He was the most brilliant trial lawyer I have ever seen. He could connect with juries, and he was a straight shooter who had the respect of judges.”

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